Internet Law

As the legal representatives in a number of cases at the leading edge of jurisprudence, and as authors of several foundational texts in the field of Internet Law, we have helped shape the development of this field of law from its early beginnings. We advise a number of leading Internet service providers, software companies, and electronic marketplace purveyors in developments in the infrastructure of the Internet and related areas.

Our range of services encompasses the following areas:

  • Online portals and the law of contracts on the Internet (E-Commerce)

    We advise and design Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and other required documentation for use in online services, including:            

    • Drafting terms of use for online portals (such as review sites, rankings, social networks, community websites) and advice on questions of liability
    • Consulting in the design of online shops and electronic marketplaces regarding pricing and other legally obligated consumer information
    • Drafting General Terms and Conditions (GTC), especially in relation to online shops, electronic marketplaces, and online auction sites
    • Advising on competition issues relating to the presentation and advertising of services on the Internet
  • Social Media

    With the development of Web 2.0, social media has become a mass phenomenon and affects not only private but also the commercial use of the Internet.  Services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, review websites, and blogs give rise to numerous legal issues.

    We advise clients on

    • The contractual aspects of social media
    • The data protection aspects of social media
    • All types of liability arising due to social media
    • Issues of moral rights regarding social media
    • Media- and Internet Law requirements of social media
  • Provider Contracts

    We advise clients on a range of contracts pertaining to the provision of Internet-related services:

    • Internet access        
    • Web hosting
    • Domain registration and complementary services (portfolio management)
    • Website creation
    • Website design and layout elements (web design)
    • Application hosting and application service providing (ASP)
  • Net Liability

    Internet use raises specific questions of liability.  Under what situations are companies and individuals liable for their own content and for the content provided by third parties?  The starting point for a discussion on online liability is the Telemedia Act (TMG).  We advise clients regarding:

    • Internet hosting providers who provide space on web servers for external content
    • Internet access providers that allow others onto the Internet through dial-up connections
    • Internet content providers that offer their own content online