Product Safety

We advise our clients in all matters relating to the issue of product safety and represent clients in clashes with government agencies, competitors, partners, contractors and other stakeholders.

The issue of product safety has been experiencing increasing attention and focus by not only the European and German legislature but also from customers and users for some time.  New regulations are adopted in an accelerated fashion.  Product safety regulations are still being adapted within the European legal framework while new regulation is close at hand.  The complexity of product safety law is also steadily increasing. 

We provide comprehensive advice in the implementation of product safety requirements, as they are an important element of our clients’ compliance requirements.  In particular, we advise on:

  • Product safety as a component of corporate compliance
  • Products in general (for example, machinery, vehicles)
  • Medical products
  • Construction products
  • Food and agricultural products
  • Contracts along the distribution chain

Compliance with the statutory product safety requirements is the minimum level of protection for product liability.

Prof. Dr. Claudius Eisenberg regularly trains employees from reputable companies on product safety and product liability.  In the field of medical devices, he has also acquired the “Zertifikat Manager Regulatory Affairs International (TÜV Süd)”.  In addition, he regularly lectures and publishes articles on these topics.