Patents and Utility Models

Our primary goal in advising our clients is to create value. As we have many years of industry and advising experience, we are familiar with the unique needs of large, medium and small businesses and can provide impactful solutions. We recognize that patent protection is not an end in itself but is a part of your corporate policy, and tailor our guidance accordingly.

  • Application Procedures

    We advise our clients in preparing and maintaining their intellectual property portfolios and developing strategies to protect their inventions and innovations. We prepare patent and utility model applications and manage grant proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office, and cooperate with specialist colleagues worldwide to secure the international protection of the client’s inventions. We also advise clients on matters of employee inventor rights.

    As we are continuously involved in patent infringement proceedings, our clients benefit from the inclusion of the latest legal developments and principles in new patent and utility model applications.

    We are particularly strong in the high-tech sector, especially in computer- and standards- related inventions, measurement and automation technology, lasers, planning and organizational systems, image processing, cryptography, and renewable energy.

    Our clients include international corporations as well as medium and small tech specialist companies.

  • Validity Proceedings

    We defend our clients’ patents and utility models against attacks by third parties in opposition, nullification and cancellation proceedings. We conversely file such proceedings for our clients against the patents and utility models of third parties.

  • Patent Infringement Proceedings

    We offer comprehensive services in patent infringement litigation and other technology-related disputes in court.

    We negotiate out-of-court settlement of patent disputes, advise on warning letters, file anticipatory briefs, and above all defend our clients’ rights against infringement. We also defend our clients against actions based on third-party patents.

    We are able to provide a full range of in- and out- of court services, in addition to the usual opposition, nullification and cancellation procedures, through the effective integration of patent law and attorney at law expertise.

    For our global clients, we collaborate with foreign patent attorneys and lawyers, particularly from Europe and the USA, to provide our clients with the support they need in multinational patent infringement proceedings.

  • Patent Commercialization

    Our attorneys hold unique patent expertise in the analysis of complex patent portolios as well as in the discovery and documentation of third-party abuses for targeted enforcement.

    Our many years of experience not only assists our clients in the optimization of patent portfolio management, but also in terms of the efficient deployment of intellectual property, such as through licensing or patent sales.