Product Liability

We provide preventative advice in all matters relating to product liability and advise and represent clients in the event of liability.  The issue of product liability ranges from contractual (keyword: warranty liability) to non-contractual (tort) liability.  The foundation for preventative measures begins with the company.  The company is also the starting point for consideration of product safety law, which can be regarded as the minimum requirement for liability avoidance.  The prevention of product liability, however, requires a higher standard.  The standard requires that the company be organized and documented such that it can be taken to court.  Key strategic decisions in this regard can be made even in the design of supplier arrangements (such as through quality assurance agreements).

If there is a liability claim, conduct towards authorities, the public, manufacturers, and the injured parties is critical.

We support our clients in, for instance:

  • Product liability compliance
  • Contracts along the distribution chain (i.e. quality assurance agreements)
  • Advice and representation in case of liability
  • Defense against product liability claims
  • Recalls
  • Enforcement of product liability claims

Prof. Dr. Claudius Eisenberg regularly trains employees from reputable companies on product safety and product liability.  In addition, he regularly lectures and publishes articles on these topics.